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modern display solutions for clothing

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Hang Rails
Wall to Floor
From $5.60
Tube Shelving Kits
Wall to Floor
From $558.80
    slatwall faceouts & waterfalls slatwall shelving  

displays include
shelving &
free standing

Vertical Strips
From $29.00
Individual Slots
From $8.90
Faceout & Waterfalls
From $3.80
    Free Standing   clothing hooks clothing hooks    
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ImpaX Signage
Free Standing
From $21.00
From $1.96
  poster signage poster signage   slatwall shelving  
From $289.00
Cable Poster
Ceiling to Floor
From $64.00
Slatwall Shelving
From $1.80


Clothing Store Fixtures

Complete, "Custom Look" solutions for both folded and hanging clothing displays. UDIZINE offers a wide variety of displays that can effectively combine hanging, shelving and signage elements. The aesthetic look and feel of our displays provide the essential visual appeal without comprising on functionality.

Each system alone is capable of providing all the display options required in a clothing store. Alternatively combine different systems to differentiate areas of your store and create a unique look and feel.

Our contemporary clothing display solutions are designed to set your store apart from the competition.