Clothing Displays

A Wide Variety of Clothing Store Display Fixtures
  UDIZINE offers a wide variety of clothing displays for hanging, shelving and signage. Each display system can be used independently to cater to all your clothing store display needs, while creating a unique, custom look that is aesthetic without compromising functionality.
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Palo Clothing Displays

This easy to assemble system is both stylish & practical! It is perfect for casual wear
and incorporates shelving, hanging and signage solutions – all in one system.

Palo Display System  

Clothing Boutique Displays

If you’re looking for that unique custom look, look no further! This display system is perfect for your fashion boutique!

Cable wall clothing displays, Clothing wall displays  
Cable Display System    

SlatStrip Displays

The SlatStrip wall fixtures all function independently or can be combined
to create a full store solution

SlatStrip Wall clothing displays, Slatwall clothing displays, SlatSystem Wall clothing fixtures Soloslat Individual Slots, Slatwall clothing displays, SlatSystem Wall clothing fixtures
Ready-Made Kits
Unislat Horizontal Slats, Slatwall clothing displays, SlatSystem Wall clothing fixtures
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Clothing Floor SlatSystems

Utilize our mobile SlatSystem clothing racks for mid floor sales area optimization

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